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psichomics 1.20.0 (27 October, 2021)

  • Alternative splicing event annotations:
    • Support new annotations from VAST-TOOLS for multiple species, including mouse, zebrafish, fruit fly, chicken, frog, C. elegans and A. thaliana
    • Automatically create cache directory if downloading splicing annotations for the first time
  • Gene, transcript and protein annotation (visual interface):
    • Automatically set species/genome based on selected annotation
    • Improve species and genome selection

psichomics 1.20.1 (25 January, 2022)

  • Bug fix: allow to perform correlation analysis after being performed once

psichomics 1.20.2 (13 March, 2022)

  • Bug fix: fix limma-trend approach when using newer versions of limma to calculate average gene expression