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psichomics 1.2.0 (22 Apr, 2017)

  • Gene, protein and transcript information:
    • Fix tooltip text presentation in transcript plot
    • Fix JavaScript issues when zooming the transcript plot
    • Fix error when plotting events associated with multiple genes
    • Fix error when plotting single-exon transcripts
    • Protein name, length and function are now presented when available
    • Improved general presentation of the information
  • Differential splicing analyses:
    • Click and drag in the plot to zoom in and subsequently filter events shown in the table
    • Decreased step of sliders
    • Improve interface of previewed survival curves
    • When clicking on a table link to navigate to differential splicing analyses of a single event, the appropriate analyses will now be automatically rendered with the respective options, as expected
  • Settings (renamed to “Help”):
    • Add links to tutorials and user feedback
    • Add app information and acknowledgements
    • Remove unused option for choosing cores (all performed operations are still single-core, given the difficulty of working with multi-processes in Shiny)
  • Improve dialogues regarding missing data and other minor interface elements
  • Update documentation with volcano plot

psichomics 1.2.1 (24 Apr, 2017)

  • Gene, protein and transcript information:
    • Fix missing file required for transcript plots
  • Update command-line interface tutorial to render a transcript plot